Ice Chalet Knoxville Tennessee

Nutcracker On Ice 2002 Photos

Group cast photo

Sleigh being pulled by coach men with prince and princess waving Blake doing a spread eagle seated


 two doll skaters posed together Angie as Jester

Clowns lined up between Mother Ginger and Sister Cinnamon 5 jesters posed in a group

Jester lying down

Drosselymer winding up one of the dolls with a large key Snowflake in kneeling pose

four snowflakes posing together Prince flying up in the air

Clown getting face made up A waltzing couple linked by arms.  The woman has one foot out to the side.  Both skaters have their outside arms extended

King Rat leans forward and looks angry four skaters posing in their rat suits

A chinese dancer holding their parasol over their head Snigdha as a Spanish dancer with her fan

Three skaters in snowflake costumesA rat skater holding her flowers standing with her dad

Snowflakes posing with one arm extended Two jesters

One skater poses as a snowflake in an arabesque Princess starting to curtsy

Clara and Prince at their closing bow, with rats on the ice on their knees around them