Ice Chalet Knoxville Tennessee

Gina Alexander


Basics, Freestyle, Dance, Moves-in-the-Field

Gina Stramiello began skating at the Ice Chalet while attending college. She has passed ISI Freestyle 5 and Dance 6. She is also an Adult Gold Medalist in Free Skating and Moves-in-the-Field in the USFS system and has passed Intermediate Moves-in-the-Field and Pre-Silver Dance. Gina has competed in many ISI and USFS competitions and is the 2012 USFS Adult Figure Skating Championships Bronze Medalist in Adult Bronze Solo Dance.

She has performed in Nutcracker On Ice shows and in several other local ice shows. She continues to test and compete in both the ISI and USFS programs.

Certified as an ISI Gold-level Judge, Gina welcomes working with skaters of all ages and skill levels. She holds a Masters degree in Nursing from Carson-Newman University and is board-certified as a Nurse Practitioner. She works as an instructor at the American Red Cross.