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The Ice Chalet has a proud tradition of skaters and teachers who have experience as "Show Skaters." Beginning with Robert Unger's decision to stay in Knoxville after a successful touring experience with Holiday On Ice, many of our skaters have found success performing in shows such as Disney On Ice and similar productions around the world.

Robert Unger

Unger Holiday On Ice Plaque

Unger Holiday On Ice

Robert Unger toured with Holiday On Ice for many years in Europe and in the United States. He often performed with his wife, Rosemarie.

Robert Unger - Holiday On Ice Recommendation Letter

In August of 1963, when he decided to leave the ice show and begin teaching skating in Knoxville, Mr. Unger received a resounding recommendation as a skater and a teacher from Tommy Collins, then Manager of Holiday On Ice shows and later the entrepreneur behind the successful Champions On Ice tour.

Larry laborde

Larry Show Skating

Mary Lu Shipstad

Mary Lu Tinkerbell 1

Mary Lu Snow White On Ice Mary Lu Snow White On Ice

Mary Lu Beauty and the Beast 1Mary Lu Beauty & the Beast 2

Mary Lu Tinkerbell - Snow White On IceMary Lu Head Banger


Jon Robinson

Mary Lu and Jon Robinson Dinsey 1993


Jennifer Roberts Bradley

Jennifer Bradley SoloJennifer USA Show

Kathy Wolff-Baradakov

Konstantin and Kathy Baradakov Lift



Michelle MacKenzie Sheppard

Michelle Sheppard with Kurt Browning

Above: Michelle MacKenzie Sheppard poses with skating champion Kurt Browning


Michelle MacKenzie Sheppard was a member of the cast of Disney On Ice's "Aladdin" show for several years. She also met her future husband, Marcus Sheppard, while touring with the show.



Above: Jose Zulueta (right) and Michelle Sheppard enjoying a moment backstage.


Galen Labotka

Galen Disney PresentationGalen being cool...


BalloonsMonster Attack

Galen Labotka (right) and Adam Blake both joined the cast of Disney On Ice in 2006 and 2007.

Labotka (right) and Adam Blake both joined the cast of Disney On Ice in 2006 and 2007.

Adam Blake

Adam - Back FlipGenie and Pals

Adam Blake joined the cast of the Disney On Ice show, High School Musical, and his fans showed their appreciation when the tour came to Knoxville in September of 2007.

Adam Dancing Adam Blake Setp 2007 High School Musical

Above: Adam is well-known for his backflip and cantilever moves, depicted here in a time-lapse photo showing both tricks at the same time! (Photo credit: Jacob Marsh at N0Filter photography)

Adam started choreographing for several different production companies, including his own! Above he is pictured (kneeling, with cap) along with the cast of the Wolfsburg, Germany show in November of 2015.


Kassandra Hazard


Kassie (Kassandra) Hazard was invited to join the cast of Disney On Ice in July of 2008, when she was just about to turn 17. Her show was "Worlds of Fantasy," and featuring the new story of Tinkerbell and her friends from Pixie Hollow.

Above: Kassandra performs with Australian partner Dean Timmins on Royal Caribbean Cruise Line's Voyager of the Seas (2015)

Dollywood Christmas On Ice 2 Dollywood Christmas on Ice

Dollywood Christmas On Ice 2

Kassie also performed at Dollywood's "Christmas On Ice" in 2011 and 2012 as a member of the Ice Theatre of New York's ensemble. She also performed silks and skated pairs in that show. Former Ice Chalet skater David Tankersley was also a member of the Dollywood cast.

Mykhailo and Kassandra Mykhailo and Kassandra

Kassandra and partner Mikhailo Kasalo (pictured above performing at Dollywood's Christmas On Ice) are performing as a principal pair for Royal Caribbean's cruise line in 2013.

Kassie End Pose

Above: Kassie as Tinkerbell (center) in the finale.


Austin Blake

Austin Blake joined his brother Adam in the Disney On Ice show, "100 Years of Magic" in August of 2009.

Austin Blake meets his adoring fans after a show

Above: Austin meets with his adoring fans after a Disney On Ice show in Knoxville.

Above: Austin is performing with his partner Soniah Spence on Royal Caribbean Cruise Line's Allure of the Seas (2015)

Disney On Ice

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