Support for Sarah and her family!

Sarah, I saw your sweet, smiling face in your class this morning at KJDS. We are so happy you are able to be back in school and know you will do well with all of your endeavors. Keep up the good work – Mary Linda and Arnold S.

Our prayers are with you! -- Patrick and Suellen P., Ruther Glen, VA

I'm one of Sarah's fans who lives way out in the country. We all hope and pray for a complete recovery for Sarah and help for her family in the future. Go, Sarah! -- Alisandra S.

Dear Sarah, I think of you every day. From the first day I met you you left an impression on me of a very special girl. I have talked about you to my husband, children and grandchildren. Your picture is in front of me every day as I have it on my desk by the computer. I have faith that God will help and you will find recovery and happiness in your life. I will be visiting you in school soon. Is there anything you would like? Are there any special books you would like to read? Please let me know. I love you and have great admiration for you. -- Your special friend, Vera

We have kept Sarah in our thoughts -- she is a very charming young lady and has always worked hard to help others. She deserves to be chosen to be helped herself. She will be in our prayers. -- Mark and Carol H.

Hi, Sarah! You don't know us, but we know all about you! You are in our thoughts and prayers. God Bless, the Kelly family

Our whole family sends you love and support. Good luck in the new school year! You have so many people on your side. --- Amelia, Emrys, and Isadora

I am so sad that this happened to such a wonderful and sweet girl! I know Sarah through her school; she has always ben a strong, friendly, and loving child to those around her. The support of Extreme Makeover couldn't go to a better family! I would like to add my support to her cause. -- Rebecca B., Knoxville TN

I totally support your efforts for Sarah Perez and her family to be on the Extreme Makeover project.  -- Anne G.

We strongly endorse Sarah Perez as an ideal candidate for Extreme Makeover - Home Edition.   No one thinks this wonderful young woman deserved to sustain the injuries she did; but everyone who knows her thinks she deserves to be on Extreme Makeover.  That includes us! -- Alice and Al

Sarah Perez has always been a pleasure to teach. She is naturally curious and very positive providing a healthy learning environment for herself and her classmates which seem to gravitate towards her magnetic personality. I have moved to the west coast (San Francisco, CA) but I hope this short note can provide yet another piece of support for Sarah and her family having a supportive community network. -- Roy D.

Sarah, your courage is inspiring, It would be wonderful if you could inspire others with the Makeover Show. -- Shelley M.

I just wanted to share some of my thoughts about Sarah and what an amazing girl she is! I worked at KJDS for over two years and I feel so blessed to have been around such a charming and sweet girl. Sarah is so kind to others and she is an amazing role model to her younger classmates and friends. She always has something nice to say and she is very driven in her goals. Sarah has the most beautiful singing voice and she is a great actress! I feel so strongly that Sarah and the entire Perez family deserve this home makeover and I want to show my support for them during this challenging time. Thank you! -- Rebekah L.Z.

We visited Knoxville and were so impressed with the community and especially Sarah's school, the Knoxville Jewish Day School. We support the movement to nominate her family for the Extreme Makeover. -- The Sapo Family, Westlake Village CA

It is wonderful to see how caring and supportive the Knoxville community has been. Sarah's strength and determination have been amazing. -- Nancy and Jeff B.

Sarah, the very best wishes to you and your family. You are a remarkable girl and your family so deserving of an Extreme Makeover -- Home Edition. -- Melissa F., Knoxville TN

I cannot imagine anything worse than having a child injured like Sarah was. She is so very special and I hope the Extreme Makeover people realize that ;-) Anne E.

Hi, Sarah! It's Miss Mary Lu from the Ice Chalet. I hope that you will be able to come for Theatre On Ice. I would love to have you as a cast member! I miss your gorgeous smile, and I hope to see you soon. -- Love and Prayers, Miss Mary Lu

Sarah is a wonderful girl with a remarkable attitude. The Singer family sends their support and hope the producers at Extreme Home Makeover realize how deserving and special Sarah is. We're looking forward to seeing Sarah at school! -- Love, the Singer family

We believe in Sarah and are keeping her in our prayers. We love her smile and see her faith and strength in that smile. It would be great for her to have a home makeover and would be happy to support her in that opportunity. -- Clay and Julia M.

The Davis family would like to show our support for Sarah and her family.  Our son, Jackson, is one of Sarah’s classmates and he is excited (and very happy) to have her back at school, as we all are.  My wife, Jennifer and I saw Sarah at school yesterday and she said that she is looking forward to being back at KJDS.  She’s a great girl and we believe that an opportunity like Extreme Makeover would be money well spent. We and many others have spent a good portion of our time this summer renovating the Knoxville Jewish Day School making it more comfortable and accessible for Sarah and her classmates.   We would be thrilled to know that someone else could do something similar to her home. -- Andy, Jennifer and Jackson

Sarah has had life throw her a real curve ball! She has managed to keep an incredible attitude. It would be such a blessing for her to be able to have an “extreme makeover”. She is in my thoughts and prayers! -- Gary S., Knoxville TN

Sarah, Catherine, and the rest of the Perez family -- you have a huge community of support all around you. We are here for you whenever you need us -- just ask! -- Julia H., Knoxville TN

"Team Sarah" -- Members by virtue of buying Sarah Smiles t-shirts or contributing to and volunteering for fund-raising projects (Note: If we have inadvertently omitted anyone's name, please forgive the error and let us know so that we can correct it.):

Sarah A., Knoxville TN

Taylor G., Maryville TN

LeAnn C., Knoxville TN

Maggie C., Knoxville TN

Lydia O., Knoxville TN

Maggie O., Knoxville TN

Ellie T., Knoxville TN

Anne T., Knoxville TN

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Gracie S., Knoxville TN

Larry L., Knoxville TN

Camryn R., Knoxville TN

Lori R., Knoxville TN

Aaron B., Knoxville TN

Megan R., Reading MA

Sarah C., Strawberry Plains TN

Mary Liz B., Powell TN

Kate W., Maryville TN

Natasha W., Knoxville TN

Anne W., Knoxville TN

Veronica S., Knoxville TN

Angel C., Knoxville TN

Justin A., Knoxville TN

Rachel R., Knoxville TN

Pam R., Knoxville TN

Chase C., Knoxville TN

April S., Knoxville TN

Nicki S., Knoxville TN

Mary S., Knoxville TN

Courtney M., Knoxville TN

Katie M.N., Rockford TN

Cora N., Rockford TN

T.J. P., Knoxville TN

Katherine S., Knoxville TN

Tabitha J., Seymour TN

Jason J., Seymour TN

Thalia K., Knoxville TN

Adam K., Knoxville TN

Samantha J., Knoxville TN

Emma O., Jefferson City TN

Skylar T., Knoxville TN

Alex T., Knoxville TN

Cliff S., Knoxville TN

Collins H., Knoxville TN

Lilia M., Knoxville TN

Kaitlyn S., Knoxville TN

Chase J., Knoxville TN

Gabby C., Knoxville TN

Sierra R., Knoxville TN

Savanna G., Knoxville TN

Rob E., Knoxville TN

Jaedyn S., Knoxville TN

Mandy T., Talbott TN

Monica C., Knoxville TN

Adam S-P., Knoxville TN

Karen C., Knoxville TN

Mariana H., Knoxville TN

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