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The Ice Chalet Skating Club of Knoxville
Awards sponsored by the club..

Eligible Recipients:
Any active member of the Robert Unger skating team, regardless of age.

Who Can Submit Nominations?
Any skater, parent, instructor, or club member.

Nomination Rules:
Those submitting nominations may nominate only one skater for each award. A skater cannot be nominated for more than one award on the same nomination form. Nominations must be made for someone outside the family of the individual submitting any nominations. Nominations must include a brief description of why each skater is deserving of the award. (Any nomination where the description is left blank will not be considered.)

Awards Presentation:
Awards will be presented on center ice at the end of one of the Nutcracker On Ice performances.

The Robert Unger Award for Professionalism & Dedication

The Robert Unger Award for Professionalism & Dedication Robert Unger Spread Eagle
Award Criteria:

Awarded to the skater who represents the finest example of Mr. Unger’s high standards of professionalism and dedication to the art and sport of ice skating. This individual will display an exceptional work ethic and self-discipline and demonstrate pride in his or her accomplishments. This skater will understand the value of hard work and be dedicated to becoming the best skater he or she can be. This skater will exert a positive influence on other skaters and encourage other skaters to realize their potential, whether they are beginners or advanced skaters. This skater will also demonstrate the highest ethical conduct and good sportsmanship and can win or lose like a true champion -- with honor and humility. The recipient will receive a trophy inscribed with his/her name, and his/her name will be inscribed on a perpetual plaque at the Ice Chalet. Past winners: Kassandra Hazard, Hannah Foust, Adam Blake, Ashley Boling, Sarah Bauguess, Jessica Marshall, Devon Harman, Maggie Comer, Blaire Toedte, Rebecca "Susie" Clark, and Jack Varnon.

The Hans Brinker Noble Spirit Award

The Hans Brinker Noble Spirit Award
Award Criteria:

Hans Brinker Award

This award is intended to recognize the Ice Chalet skater who represents all that is good in ice skating -- through unselfish acts, good sportsmanship, teamwork, kindness to other skaters at the Ice Chalet and other rinks, supporting and encouraging other skaters be they teammates or other competitors. This individual should demonstrate qualities of high moral character such as generosity, courage, and honor. This skater is a positive role model for others and is recognized as an enthusiastic supporter of the team and a good will ambassador of the Robert Unger skating school and team -- always gracious to fellow competitors, win or lose. This skater is also regarded as a fine example of the values and traditions of the Ice Chalet and the Robert Unger & Larry LaBorde School of Ice Skating. Past winners: Kate Webb, Beth Anderson, Chelsea Buchanan, Kassandra Hazard, Tony Knox, Arianna McElyea, Heather Helton, Bailey Alexander, Katie Elder, Katelyn Moats, and Taylor Green.

Hans Brinker Award

Hans Brinker Noble Spirit Award Trophy
(Donated by founding member Tony Knox)

Ice Chalet Skating Club of Knoxville
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  • In Memoriam
    Davilyn Follum
    Inaugural Member
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  • Officers for 2014-15:

    Kate Campbell, President
    Amelia Bell, Vice President
    Anna Simerlein, Treasurer
    Denise Large, Secretary

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