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Ice Chalet Communique

tuesday june 3rd, 2009

Break-in-the-Ice Party

Everyone is cordially invited to help us break in the ice this coming Sunday, June 7th from 6:00-7:45 p.m. Free admission and skate rental. Help us celebrate re-opening for the Summer term!

What Is Pond Hockey?!?

Pond HockeyWell.. it's hockey, and it's usually played on a pond (but not necessarily), and it has its own rules. Most of all, it's fun! Our version features buddies, burgers, and beverages. 6-9 players per team, 30- to 45-minute games. Join us on Sunday nights at 8:00 p.m. $ 120.00 for all 8 weeks. Read More

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Sizzling Summer Show
Saturday, August 1 at 5:00 p.m.

Skate To Beatles Music in Our Production Number!

You can be a part of our production number in the Ice Chalet's special show at the end of the Summer term! There are parts for all ages and skill levels. Our theme is Beatles music this year. So hop onto the yellow submarine and attend the Theatre On Ice classes on Friday evenings from 6:15-7:00 p.m. Only $ 35.00 for all 8 weeks of the Summer term. Read More

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Registering for Classes Early Helps All of Us!

Hat LogoEveryone: Please register for classes early -- preferably by June 5th -- so that we can be sure we're prepared for our skaters. Why not get the paperwork done ahead of time so that you'll have plenty of time to get the correct skates on with a good fit and those mittens are on those precious hands, ready for class when it begins? New skaters are asked to come at least 30 minutes before classes begin, but you are welcome to come earlier in the day or even before that day. We'll also have more time to answer all your questions. Call us at 588-1858. Brochures are available online. Read More

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Point Mallard Competition: August 8-9

The ever-so-friendly staff at Point Mallard, Alabama (Decatur AL) have found a more convenient time for their annual competition -- it's now in August, just after we close! So let's get a team together and go have some fun! Our teachers will be glad to help you put together a program to music -- just schedule a private lesson (coupons are available for purchase at the main counter). Ice Chalet skaters compete as the "Robert Unger Team." Forms will be available at the main entrance soon. Registrations are due July 1st, but we'll need to have our team papers ready a week or so before that. Read More

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New ISI Events Announced

Want a new challenge? The Ice Skating Institute has come up with a new set of events called "Open Freestyle" -- freestyle skaters and adult skaters can pursue (and compete in) the traditional Freestyle testing track as well as the new Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum Open Freestyle track. The rules are a little less restrictive in the "open" events, and skaters in several mixed freestyle levels can compete against each other, i.e., Freestyle 4-5 skaters can compete at the Silver level. These new events were tested at the recent 50th Anniversary Championships in Orlando and were received very well by skaters and coaches alike. You can also earn new patches for these levels. Read More

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ISI Membership Required for Tests Above Tot/Pre-Alpha

ISI LogoThe Ice Skating Institute now requires skaters to be individual members of ISI in order to have their tests registered. All of our instructors are Professional Members of ISI and our educational program is based on the ISI's long-established recreational skater program. The skills that our skaters learn in each level build upon the skills learned in the previous level, so that skaters have all the basic skills necessary for them to be the best skaters they can be. It's just $ 13.00 per year, and members receive a quarterly magazine as well as supplemental accident insurance. Read More

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